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PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 7:13 pm    Post subject: Caimen Reply with quote

Name: Caimen

Level: 78

Real Life age (optional): 30

Class: Assasin

Hours you play a week: 40+

Time Zone you are in: PST

Why do you want to join us?
I came to exile to be able to Raid/Run Instances/Pvp daily and Reckoning is the best in the exile world to do it with..

Do you know any Members? If so, who?
Ya Rekno Knows me and im sure others in the guild do as well,
I've been around a while..

Do you own Desert of Flames, Kingdom of Sky, The fallen Dynasty, Echo Of Faydwer?
Yes all of them

Do you have PVE Raid experience? (If yes, please detail. Kindred/Absolution/Wildfire do not count as experience.) Raided with kindred weekly for around a years time and with queens guard for 6 months or so..

Do you have PVP experience? (If yes, please detail)

Yes when I was a Ranger , I had Maxed my Faction to 50k and had several Pvp pieces before I exiled. Current Standing
2308 kills
644 deaths
Ventrilo is Mandatory : ( This is a Voice Over IP Software found at ) Do you understand this?
Ya I have Ventrillo
Have you read our Raid Loot Policy found on the Site Navigation bar on the left hand side of the website? Yes thats fine

Have you read our Code Of Conduct found on the Site Navigation bar on the left hand side of the website? Works for me

Have you read our Recruitment Policy and Rules found as a "Sticky" in our Recruitment Forums?

Have you applied with us previously? (If yes, please explain)
Never Applied
Please list any 50+ alts you have in FP or Q. If you do not want them made public give the names to an officer.
I have a 80 Berserker named Gangrell in Qeynos
and a 57 Fury named Shizzla
Selling a 79 Wizard and a 76 Mystic

The use of hacks will result in membership termination. Do you understand this?
Only lame asses hack to win

Do you have a problem with lewd conversations?
Do you? lol

Submission of your application is your agreement that you have read, understood and will abide by the content and questions provided in this application form.
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