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- First and foremost, at all times observe the Rules of Conduct set forth by Sony.

- Always keep in mind that your actions reflect upon your guild brothers and sisters. Act in a mature and respectful manner toward the other players of the server. It may be unfair that others sharing your guild tag are judged by your actions, but the truth is we are.

- Final tier Raiding with other guilds is currently NOT allowed.


- No tagged character is allowed to be played/logged on by a non-guild member. We are a community of friends and having strangers log into the community is not healthy for a community and also becomes a security risk for the guild.

- Do not curse in open channels (i.e. /SHOUT, /OOC, /SAY). Note this does not apply in /GUILDCHAT.

- /RAID chat channel is not a channel for conversation. /RAID is to be used by raid leaders, or important, pertinent raid discussions.

- Never truly disrespect your guild mates. We joke around with each other quite a bit, but it is always in jest. If you aren't sure how far you can joke around with someone, don't do it.

- Respect others' playtime. If you are stupid enough to get your ass stuck in some predicament that you can't get yourself out of, don't expect your guild mates to drop everything they are doing right at that moment to come get you. Of course we will help, but not necessarily on your time frame. If your character is in immediate danger and no one can come to your rescue immediately, log on (create if need be) an alternate character and keep in contact with the guild to see when a rescue is possible. We are friendly in this guild, and we do help each other. And it is certainly fine to ask for help. But if no one can help you and you display an attitude about it, expect a quick /tell from an officer discussing your attitude.

- If someone asks you for help with a quest/kill/task in game: Help them because you want to help them. Do not help them expecting help in return.

- ++++Drama will not be tolerated

- If you have a concern or issue, it is the individual’s responsibility to bring it to the attention of an officer in a private venue. (Personal Messages or /tells) Public posting about rants and complaints does not help guild morale nor does it help solve any issues.

- If you have a disagreement, be sure to take it to /tells, airing out issues in front of members, recruits or non-guildies does not reflect on us or you well.

3 Strikes Rule:
Intentional griefing of other guild mates – Blatant verbal abuse and/or actions - will not be permitted. First offense that is proven beyond any reasonable doubt will net you a warning. The second offense will dock you to app status and a complete re-trial of your membership, and all loot rights put on hold and DKP only earned at app rates with no fabled loot rights. Depending on the severity of the griefing, a member vote may be put up to determine the length of your punishment, or removal from guild altogether; otherwise it will be determined by officers (minimum time is two weeks). The third offense is guaranteed removal from the guild without the rights to ever re-apply. Officers will be allowed to use discretion on what is considered griefing.

Forum Participation:
We communicate extensively through our online forums. We schedule and organize raids there, and we use them to disseminate information about the zones/mobs we will be raiding. We feel it unfair that we should take time out of the game to go over details that have already been discussed on the forums, so members and applicants are required to visit the boards often enough to know details of what we are doing.

Extended Time Off:
We ask that you post in the forums if you are going on vacation for any extended amount of time. Besides caring about our members, we also need to know who would normally be available for planned raids. Applicants that are not active for 2 weeks without prior notice will lose their applications. There is no problem taking some time off, just communicate it so we can plan appropriately! If any member goes inactive over the course of 30 days and does not give a valid reason, they will be removed from the guild.

Leaving the Guild:
Sometimes a player determines that his goals in this game do not meet the goals of the guild. We have no problem when this occurs. As long as separation is done in a professional manner, we will maintain good relations with our former members. Members should first inform an officer, and then after an officer acknowledges that removal will be done in good relations, post a going-away message in our forums so that we in turn can say our goodbyes. If, however, the guild tag is dropped in anger without first discussing it with a guild leader, do not expect to ever get it back. If you’re having a bad day, got outbid on DKP, or in general are just pissed off, think long and hard before you drop your guild tag out of haste, because no considerations for your return will ever be made.

We are a guild of adults and our language in /GUILDCHAT often gets into "R" rated status. We are all fine with that. If cursing or lewd conversations bother you, then this guild is not for you. Do not come to officers if you are offended by something said in guild chat, unless it was a direct insult toward you personally and outside the scope of a normal lewd conversation.


Exchange Server:

-First and foremost: We are not here because of the Exchange server, we came to this server to avoid the Zerg that has happened on the normal PVP server.

-Selling of items and loot is not condoned for our members, due to the nature of the server it will be tolerated to a slight degree, but at officer discretion it can result in guild membership termination.

-As stated in the Raid Loot Policy, ANY raid gear sold will result in instant guild membership termination.




Due to the nature of the game and the rate it evolves, the Leadership reserves the right to amend the Code of Conduct as the need arises.

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