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Reckoning Raid Loot Policy



Fabled Loot:


Raid attendees may bid on the fabled item in question

provided the item will benefit that character and will not be sold.


The character must be within 2 levels of using a final tier raid item to place a bid unless no eligible member is available.


Members bid dkp points in increments of 1 point or greater and can match bids up until 25 DKP. From 25 on, bidding resumes in 5pt incements and players may not match bids.

  • Previous Tier fabeled loot starts at 4 dkp.
  • Final Tier fabled loot starts at 8 DKP.


Master Spell drops:

 All Recruits and full members attending the raid that can utilize the master spell will

randomly roll (/ran 100) to determine who wins the master spells. Master

spells do not cost dkp and can not be sold.


Legendary Loot & Rare Crafting Components:


  All raid attendees that will utilize the item will be able to use dkp to

purchase the item in question. Treasured loot starts at 0 dkp and bids are in increments of 1 point or greater and can not be sold.


Treasured/Normal Loot

  All loot from normal chests will be collected by the raid leader and sold

with profits going to the guild bank.


How to get DKP!!


  DKP points are based on the time each member is present and on the success

of the raid. The raid leader determines the amount of dkp awarded per raid

based on difficulty, attendance, whether the mob is contested, and other


  Characters that do not attend the whole raid or are afk a significant portion of the raid will be awarded a % of the dkp at the discretion of the raid leader.

  In the event that there are too many characters for the raid mob in question

each member sitting out the raid will be awarded dkp at the same rate as those participating in the raid. Players that are not max level and AA must spend the time leveling thier character to recieve DKP.


How to use DKP!!

Points may only be used on raids which earn points. Alternate systems must be used for "day" or "late" raids.

You may not trade points to another guild member.

It is a member's responsibility to ensure they have the available points

to bid. These will also be checked by the auctioneer.

Link death, lag and loss of channel communication are simply bad luck for the bidder. No re-auctions will be conducted.

Officers may (and normally will) deny bids from players that were not present for the fight to gain the loot in question.

Points are spent on loot using an open auction as described below:


1.    Bidders are told to /join a channel and will openly bid against each other until no new bids are received in 60 seconds.

2.    Bids of zero are permitted on non-fabled items.

3.    Any bid received with a value less than the current high bid is silently ignored.

4.    Only whole numbers of points may be bid

5.    Zero bids are permitted and may be made by multiple people on all non fabled items.

6.    In the special case that there are multiple people with the same high bid the winner is selected by /random 100. The character with the highest role wins.

7.    If you are sitting out for a raid, you are still entitled for full loot privileges as if you were on the raid.



Other Things To Note!!


Applicants and invited raiders may not bid and will not earn points (unless otherwise noted).

Long term supporters of the guild may be treated as sponsored recruits for earning and spending points, at the officers' discretion.


Points are earned by players, not by characters. These will be listed against your "main".

Multi-boxing earns you no more points than single boxing.


Playing an alt on a raid earns points. You may however be requested to bring your main or denied the chance to bring an alt by the officers.


Points are neither awarded nor spent on non-raid activities. This is also to maintain the independence and integrity of the system.




Points are maintained automatically in an online database.

Raid attendance is parsed from the log files of an officer or raid leader present on the raid. It is likely at this time the "/who" command will be used to judge presence (with AFKs or dead people noted and adjusted for).

Point and attendance disputes should be brought to an officer's attention ASAP, I do make mistakes from time to time, and itís your responsibility to find them. If a mistake goes un-noted for more then a period of 7 days, it may not be corrected.

The point system is expected to be 90% accurate, not 100% accurate. It is expected that small errors will cancel themselves out over time.

- EXAMPLE BIDS: The following are some example bids of bidding on raid loots so you can get a better idea of how a bidding system works:

Raid Leader: [Legendary Loot of Doom] - 0 DKP
Person A: 0
Person B: 0
Person C: 1
Person D: 1
Person A: 2
Person B: 2
Person D: 2
Person A: 4

In the above scenario, person A wins the loot at a cost of 4 DKP

Raid Leader: [Fabled Loot of Doom] - 8 DKP
Person A: 8
Person B: 10
Person C: 11
Person A: 11
Person B: 11

In the above scenario, Person A, B, and C all random 100 and the winner of the random wins the loot at a cost of 11 DKP.

Raid Leader: [Legendary Loot of the Snake] - 0 DKP
Person A: 0

In the above scenario, Person A wins the loot for no DKP.

Raid Leader: [Legendary Loot of the Gods] - 0 DKP
Person A: 0
Person B: 0
Person C: 0

In the above scenario, Person A, B, and C will /random 100 and the winner will win the item for no DKP.

Selling items looted from raids will result in membership termination.


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